Read All the Books Challenge

I wasn't going to do any challenges this year (2016) and had actually done really well about avoiding them.  Then Anna from Herding Cats and Burning Soup popped up with the Read All the Books challenge and I just couldn't resist!

The rules are pretty simple - pick 1 author who has written at least 45 books and read them ALL.  That's it.  There's no time limit, there's no regular linkup, there's just reading.

The author I'm picking is Heather Graham author of at least 49 books (I'm sure I missed a few) and counting.  I love her settings and her touch of paranormal and something about her books always makes me want to do a massive binge read and here's an excuse to do so!  I'll be linking up all my reviews on this page to keep track of how I'm doing!

Krewe of Hunters Series
The Cursed
The Hexed
The Silenced
The Forgotten
The Hidden

Cafferty and Quinn
The Dead Play On

Harrison Investigations
The Dead Room

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  1. Have you tried Susan Wiggs Bella Vista Chronicles?? only two books, but the first I've read by her and loved them.